Portrait sitting

Our standard sitting fee is $249. This covers the sitting which can take between 45 minutes - 2 hours depending on the location you choose. We will create portraits of you and your family and then show you a selection of the best at a viewing session - on a big screen. We give you 1 desktop portrait  (7”x5”) printed on the best quality paper in a card frame. This fee is deducted off any package you choose to purchase from us.


We can cater to every budget. Packages usually include a framed or canvas portrait and a collection of desktop portraits. Some of our packages are listed below. If you like larger portraits we do have them! You can add prints, framed or canvas portraits and fine art lay-flat albums to any package

Entry level package
One 10”x8”  framed or canvas portrait
1 desktop portrait (7”’x5”)

Medium Portrait
Canvas or framed 14”x11” portrait
4 desktop portraits

Premium portrait package
Canvas or framed 20“x16”
6 desktop portraits

Deluxe portrait bundle

Canvas or framed 20“x16” portrait
High quality lay flat album 16 pages 11”x8”
6  desktop portraits

Premium photo album

High quality lay flat album
16 pages 11”x8”

Large premium photo album

High quality lay flat album
16 pages 14” x 11”


All packages include the following:
Professional quality images produced by Jonathan. Test/engagement shoot on location. Unlimited images, retouched, edited and ‘print ready’ with no copyright restrictions. An on-line gallery on my website. Travel – Wellington to Wairarapa or Otaki. Prices include GST.


  • 3 hours coverage
  • Extras



  • 6 hours coverage 
  • More extras



  • 9 hours coverage
  • Lots more extras



  • 11 hours coverage
  • Loads of extras
  • Our most popular package



  • All day
  • Extras galore 
  • 2 shooters



  • All day
  • Even more extras
  • 2 shooters


Extras include:

  • On-line gallery
  • On-device "brag" album
  • "Save the date" web based system 
  • 10"x8" framed portrait
  • 20"x16: framed portrait
  • 20"x16" deluxe ornate framed portrait
  • Framed/canvas portraits - multiple sizes
  • Premium quality 40 page album
  • Parent albums

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